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Vent Here – Stray off the Streets – It Is Safer


Vent Here – Stay off the Streets – It Is Safer



Who are we?

Aswecit.com is owned by The HelpingClicks Corp (formerly American Marketing Management and Motivation Services, Inc,.)  A Florida Corporation established on July 12, 1994. then Doing Business as The Ybor City Telephone Company (Ybor City Telco.) Our Founder Christopher Kazor a pioneer in all things internet started developing prepaid phone cards and offering internet “Dail up” services through phone cards.

Of course, prepaid phone cards as well as “Dail up” went the way of the Dodo Bird but Ybor City Telco moved to the maintenance and construction of websites. In September of 2005 American Marketing Management and Motivation Services, Inc. purchased SPIDER TREK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. to construct and develop websites. Soon after Christopher Kazor and Jason Bland spun off the website construction part of the business forming ADVIATECH CORP. ADVIATECH CORP. is now headquartered at 1111 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94133. Where today Jason Bland is President and CEO and Christopher Kazor remains a board member.

Kazor and Bland worked together on many projects and with the website conduction and SEO business in the capable hands of Jason Bland, Chris Kazor worked on the marketing and promotions of web-based businesses including the development of stand-along internet-based kiosks for the insurance and financial services business. The Kiosk side of the business was sold off November of 2017.

Kazor feels that there is a better place to talk about politics other than FB. Save your friendships use www.aswecit.com to argue.

Contact us at admin@aswecit.com

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